Labs to Support all Living Things


Life Science Applications

Academic, Biology, Clinic, Diagnostic, Genomics, Hospital, Manufacturing, Medical Storage, Pharmacy, Prep and Pack.

Industry Challenges

Pharma, biotech and medtech companies are experiencing tremendous growth in device manufacturing, diagnostics and drug discovery. The ratio of lab to office changes as projects mature.

Lab Solutions 

With automation and shared equipment an ongoing concern, Symbiote helps you promote a mobile and safe environment for scientists, technicians and staff. 

Not only did the Symbiote product get delivered faster than the other companies promised, it was twice as fast and better quality. Time is money, and Symbiote is aware of how important that is.

- Harl Alley, The Biodesign Institute of Arizona State University

At Symbiote we value our healthcare partners by providing furniture solutions to help you innovate every day.

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