4-Legged Table

The most heavy duty, height adjustable table we make - supports 1,000 pounds. 

The 4-Legged Table is strong. It supports 1,000 pounds with glides and 880 pounds with casters. Learn moreproduct sheet and video.

4-Legged Table Features

The 4-Legged Table has many work surface options for your lab. Standard Surface has three finishes and supports 300 pounds. Ultra Surface has six finishes and supports 500 pounds. ​Work Surface has four finishes and supports 500 pounds. Add a lower shelf, suspended cabinet or bins for extra storage where you need it. 

Adjustable Base

  • Glides or casters.
  • 14-inch range: 26-40 inches.
  • Lifts 1,000 pounds, evenly distributed.

Work Surface

  • Depth: 24-30-36-42-48 inches.
  • Length: 36-48-60-72-96 inches.
  • Laminate, Phenolic, Chemsurf®, Hardwood, Stainless, Dissipative. Learn more.