The height adjustable ErgoStat® is a popular choice for both table or benching applications. The base has a 15" height adjustment range and supports a gross dynamic load capacity of 750 pounds. The electric base rises at ¼” per second. The pin-adjustable base adjusts in one-inch increments with threaded fasteners. The ErgoStat's sit/stand, ADA accessible design meets the requirements for new laboratory construction and reconfigurations. 

What Makes the ErgoStat Different?

The biggest attribute in the ErgoStat design is the 43-inch Riser Frame. This open-style frame bolts to a powerful base, adjusting in height with the base. The benefits of overhead storage with ergonomic positioning means no more awkward bending or reaching. As you adjust the surface up or down, the Riser Frame moves up or down too. The simple adjustment of a shelf mounted at the optimum height and angle can make all the difference. 

ErgoStat or ErgoStat Pro? Help Me Decide.

How much weight load do you need to support on your lab bench? The ErgoStat is our original heavy duty model. We designed the base to support your substantial investment in equipment - it holds up to 750 pounds. The ErgoStat Pro is best for lighter duty tasks in laboratories and technical offices. Its base supports 250 pounds. Use the ErgoStat Typicals gallery to download images and individual product information sheets. Related Content shows ErgoStat bench and table installations. 

Adjustable Base

  • ETL recognized base with glides or casters.
  • 15-inch travel range.
  • Lifts 750 pounds, evenly distributed, with glides or casters.
  • Electric motor or pin-adjustable.

Riser Frame + Spine

  • Mount a Riser Frame - gain 36 inches of storage above surface.
  • Accessories move up/down with you as frame is raised/lowered. 
  • Frame supports 250 pounds.
  • Riser Spines divide frame into smaller sections.


  • Add a 30 or 36-inch deep surface to construct a height adjustable bench. 
  • Surface lengths: 36-48-60-72-96 inches.
  • Laminate, Phenolic, Chemsurf®, Wood, Stainless, Dissipative.