Steel Shelves Optimize Vertical Space

Stacking shelves vertically on frames is efficient and easily managed. Symbiote shelves adjust in one-inch increments along the frame on Lab Benches and on ErgoStat and ErgoStat Pro workstations. Shelves come in standard or dissipative finishes and hold 150-200 pounds of storage. Multi-function, storage, high density and center shelves can be mounted in flat or sloped positions. We also have corner workstation shelves, roll-out shelves and dividers to separate binders and books. 

Lower Shelves Support Heavy Equipment

Move and store heavy equipment, Reagent supplies or boxes in central areas and take advantage of storage under tables. Choose from full or half size Lower Shelves to install under 4-Legged Table, WorkTable or Table Base products. Download the Shelving Catalog (PDF)

Multi-Function Shelves

  • Use in a flat or sloped position.
  • 200-pound capacity, evenly distributed.
  • Sizes: 6 widths x 4 depths. 

Shelving Units (3 or 5) 

  • Mounts on frame/panel/wall strip.
  • Adjusts flat, 11 or 22 degrees.
  • 150-pound capacity per unit.
  • Sizes: 5 widths x 2 heights. 

Bookend Shelves

  • 200-pound capacity, evenly distributed.
  • Sizes: 6 widths x 3 depths.

Roll-Out Shelf

  • Lockable closed position with push-button release.
  • 150-pound capacity, evenly distributed.
  • Sizes: 2 widths.

Adjustable Angle Center Shelves

  • Adjusts flat, 8 and 16 degrees.
  • 200-pound capacity, evenly distributed.
  • Sizes: 5 widths. 

Corner Shelf

  • 200-pound capacity, evenly distributed.
  • Sizes: 4 widths x 2 depths.

Lower Shelves for Tables

  • Depths and capacity vary by tables; consult catalog. 
  • Sizes: 3 widths.

Shelves for ErgoStat Pro