Made for a person to work on one side of a table, Symbiote's height adjustable Table Base is a good choice for specialized applications. The base has a 15" height adjustment range and supports a gross dynamic load capacity of 750 pounds. The electric base rises at ¼” per second. The pin-adjustable base adjusts in one-inch increments with threaded fasteners.

Table Base Features

The Table Base can be used with a variety of surfaces. Ultra Surface has six finishes and supports 500 pounds. Work Surface has three finishes and supports 300 pounds. Use the Table Base Typicals gallery to download images and a product information sheet. Related Content shows installations with Table Bases.

Adjustable Base

  • ETL recognized base with glides or casters.
  • 15-inch travel range.
  • Length: 36, 48, 60, 72 or 96 inches.
  • Lifts 750 pounds, evenly distributed.
  • Electric motor or pin-adjustable.


  • Add a 24-30-36 inch deep surface.  
  • Surface lengths: 36-48-60-72-96 inches.
  • Laminate, Phenolic, Chemsurf®, Hardwood, Stainless, Dissipative.