UltraFrame Bench

The UltraFrame is the foundation for an adjustable lab bench. It holds everything you need--cabinets, shelving, storage and accessories--and it's easy to use. Move components on the frame inch-by-inch. Access data and power from the ceiling or at eye level. Reconfiguring your lab is cost effective and quick with the UltraFrame.

What Makes the UltraFrame Bench Different?

A typical furniture system (on the right) uses corner connectors and return fames as leg supports. This puts gaps between surfaces and accessories. It creates “panel creep” which makes the entire unit almost eight inches longer.

Symbiote's UltraFrame bench (left) uses C Legs. Legs attach to frames to support the surface and frame, eliminating panel creep. Surfaces and accessories are placed seamlessly side-by-side down the entire unit without breaks.

Plan Your Lab with UltraFrame Benches

Do you want a fixed height or manual adjustable surface on your lab bench? That determines what leg is needed. Lab Legs are fixed and come in different heights and depths. C Legs offer manual height adjustability. Use the UltraFrame Bench Typicals gallery to download images and individual product information sheets. Related Content shows installations with UltraFrame Benches.

Adjustable Frame

  • Heights of 48-62-80-96 inches.
  • Holds 1,000 lbs. (glides) 500 lbs. (casters), evenly distributed.
  • Use Panel/Corner Connectors or Posts to attach more frames.
  • Spines divide 48 and 60-inch frames into smaller sections.

Legs + Surface Support

  • Bolt C Legs or Lab Legs on front/back sides of frames and Connector Posts.
  • Mount Surface B Support Brackets or Lab Height B Supports (above Leg) to support surfaces. 
  • Surface travel range 27-42 inches from top of surface.

Surface + Materials

  • Add a 24-30-36 inch deep surface to construct a height adjustable bench. 
  • Surface lengths: 24-36-48-60-72-96 inches.
  • Laminate, Phenolic, Chemsurf®, Wood, Stainless, Dissipative.


  • Organize your bench with shelves, lighting, monitor arms, plug strips, pegboards and bins.
  • Add a hanging ped or storage shelf below surface. Adjust components on the frame in one-inch increments for complete control.