Why Symbiote?

Finding a Lab Partner With the Same Goals

We all shop for the same things...capabilities, quality and cost. But, there’s more to consider. Is the company stable and do the employees like to work there? Does the behavior change once an order is placed? You can read about Symbiote’s history and services but our relationships are the reason we keep doing what we do.

About Symbiote and Our Customers

Spend some time getting to know Symbiote and why building a lab system with modular parts saves time and money. Our customers range from small data research labs to large hospitals and universities. We specialize in three markets: Life Science, Tech Labs and Aerospace. Here's how we help our customers and what our product installations look like in the Photo Gallery.


  • Amway
  • Arizona State University
  • Continental
  • Covance - Eli Lilly & Co.
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Holy Cross Hospital
  • LabCorp
  • Marion University
  • Quest Diagnostics, Ameripath Div.
  • Spectrum Health
  • University of Texas
  • VA hospitals


  • Apple
  • Facebook
  • GateWay Community College
  • General Motors
  • Google
  • Intel Corporation
  • Kings Ridge Preparatory Academy


  • Boeing
  • Central Intelligence Agency
  • Department of Defense
  • Rockwell Collins
  • U.S. Air Force
  • U.S. Army
  • U.S Navy

"Our motto, from the very beginning, is 'Do Right Things Right'."

- Travis Randolph, President