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Aerospace Applications

Aircraft Manufacturing, Military, Logistics, Unmanned Satellite Systems, Advanced Electronics, Energy, Missile Defense, Space.

Industry Challenges

The global space economy brings many research and design challenges for military defense technology and satellite navigation systems. The intelligence community, security and the equipment itself all impact a project’s life cycle. 

Lab Solutions

As budgets change and projects mature Symbiote delivers modular lab furniture that is scaleable and reusable to reduce downtime and save money. 

Boeing's Amazing Manufacturing

Watch how Boeing, a Symbiote customer since the early 1990s, builds a 737 in only 9 days!

Rockwell Collins' Space Contribution

It has been 47 years since a man landed on the moon. We're proud of the work Rockwell Collins did to help us connect to Earth. 

We value our aerospace partnerships by providing furniture solutions to help you innovate every day.

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