Life Science

Healthcare Research and Test Labs

Whether it's for biomedical research or cell culture technology, equipping your healthcare lab with high quality furniture guarantees durability through years of rigorous use. Symbiote supplies benches, tables and casework that lets you work effectively and safely. We have designed labs for:

  • Academia classrooms and labs
  • Biology and Biotechnology
  • Cannabis, Agriculture and Hemp
  • Forensics Labs
  • Genomics 
  • Hospitals and Clinical Labs
  • Medical Storage Facilities
  • Neuroscience Research  
  • Pharmacy
  • Prep and Pack

Lab Benches, Furnishings and Components

Safety, durability and sustainability inform everything we do. The healthcare field is employing more doctors, scientists and lab technicians than ever before. Pharma, biotech and medtech companies are experiencing tremendous growth in device manufacturing, diagnostics and drug discovery. With these changes, the ratio of lab to office will change as projects mature.

Why Build a Sustainable Lab?

A sustainable lab ultimately saves money for a better bottom line and seeks to minimize the impact on the built environment. Renovations mean more money, not only for materials and labor, but for lab downtime or relocation. Symbiote furniture is designed to last through multiple renovations. Our design team will work with you to understand your vision and develop a shared understanding of new technologies or approaches. 

Surface Materials for Medical Labs: Stainless Steel, Phenolic and More

Healthcare labs serve a number of different purposes and varied surfaces are needed. Ask our design team which surface is best suited for your lab. We routinely specify stainless steel, phenolic resin and high pressure laminate. 

Chicago's Marist High School opened a new 28,000 square foot science wing in August 2019. [Video from CBS Chicago]

Local NBC news tours the new pathology laboratory at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. The lab delivers same-day test results and microscopic images to surgeons in real-time during operations. [Video from]

A closer look at the Symbiote lab furniture installation at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. 

In healthcare, there's a lot of talk about data and efficiency. You're going to want a partner that understands all the challenges of life science. Our solutions make all the difference.

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