Labs to study living things and biotechnology


Life Science Applications

Academic, Biology, Clinic, Diagnostic, Genomics, Hospital, Manufacturing, Medical Storage, Pharmacy, Prep and Pack.

Industry Challenges

Pharma, biotech and medtech companies are experiencing tremendous growth in device manufacturing, diagnostics and drug discovery. The ratio of lab to office changes as projects mature.

Lab Solutions 

With automation and shared equipment an ongoing concern, Symbiote helps you promote a mobile and safe environment for scientists, technicians and staff. 

Local NBC news tours the new pathology laboratory at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. The lab delivers same-day test results and microscopic images to surgeons in real-time during operations. [Video from]

A closer look at the Symbiote lab furniture installation at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. 

In healthcare, there's a lot of talk about data and efficiency. You're going to want a partner that understands all the challenges of life science. Our solutions make all the difference.

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