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STEM Labs and Classroom Furniture 

We understand purchasing higher education furniture can have long timelines and a lot of documentation and approvals. Our goal is to provide the high quality learning and research spaces for educators and students, while ensuring your project meets your budget and we are fully transparent, ethical, and cooperative with all contracts and requirements. From our designers, to our sales and project management staff, we service the United States.

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Healthcare and Medical Lab Furniture

H1 Laboratory Furniture for Healthcare Labs and Research

We know where so-called medical miracles come from. They start with a scientist like you, rigorously testing and experimenting, ideally in a lab built to suit their needs.


H2 Medical Lab Benches, Furnishings and Fixtures

We know the gravity of your work, which is why we put so much care into ours. Symbiote installs flooring, workbenches, furniture, casework, and equipment that lets you work efficiently, effectively, and safely. Our experts and craftsmen design, manufacture, and build lab furniture and entire laboratories with the highest grade materials to exacting specifications.


Medical labs deal with everything from medical quandaries to microbiology, but without the proper shelving, cabinets, and safety equipment, there isn't much work a lab can do. As one of the world's most trusted suppliers of laboratory furniture and casework, PSA Laboratory Furniture LLC has designed, installed, and certified labs all over the world. We’ve built state-of-the-art healthcare labs in the United States, the Philippines, and Canada.


H3 Here's Our Proof

All our lab furniture, flooring, and equipment are SEFA compliant, and our products have undergone rigorous, third-party testing. We've earned a reputation that has allowed us to expand nationally. We're now recognized as the leading manufacturer of custom lab furniture and workbenches in the country. Design, safety, ergonomics; durability, and aesthetics inform everything we do. We also provide manufacturer pricing and prompt installation, which means that your team starts on time.


H3 Affordable, Flexible Lab Workstations for Greater Mobility

Medical Lab Equipment and furnishing for hospitals and healthcare institutionsThe healthcare field is growing exponentially, employing more doctors, forensic scientists, orthodontists, anesthesiologists, and lab technicians than ever before. It’s no wonder many healthcare facilities around the world are looking to expand or renovate their laboratories at a low cost. PSA Laboratory Furniture designers can find creative ways to remodel your lab to make more space.


Whether you are conducting daily blood tests, biomedical research, or you're studying the properties of cancer, equipping your healthcare lab with the best lab apparatuses will give you an upper hand in your work. Our team has played a key role in supplying healthcare specialists with adaptable lab systems to make rearranging furniture as safe as possible. Our rolling tables and benches can be moved to set up new workstation configurations for all your lab’s employees.


H4 Sterile Counter Materials for Medical Labs: Steel, Epoxy Resin, and More

Healthcare labs serve a number of different purposes, but if you're relying on surfaces made out of cheap materials, you may only be making your jobs harder than it has to be. Sterile countertop materials are available in abundance at PSA Laboratory Furniture. Outfit your healthcare lab with a number of counters made from epoxy or phenolic resin, stainless steel, or a mixture of high pressure laminate. Although we take great pride in all of our quality constructed healthcare countertops, you may decide one is better suited for the type of work and research you perform:


Each counter material has specific advantages. Ask our experts which is best suited for your lab. For example, our stainless steel workbenches can support thousands of pounds at a time and guarantee durability through years of vigorous use.


Classic Healthcare Labs Designed with Dependable Safety Fixtures

Constructing a healthcare lab is an intensive process, but depending on your preferences, the construction may not feel worthwhile without the finishing touch of wood lab benches and casework. PSA Laboratory Furniture is one of the world's most comprehensive suppliers and outfitter of oak, maple, and cherry hardwood furniture for healthcare labs. Wood furnishings are popular in traditional practices and teaching hospitals.


Once you've decided on the type of furniture best suited for your lab, you can select one of the six available chemical-resistant satin finishes. Our wide selection of fixtures and standard color options lets you build your laboratory exactly how you want it to look.


Check out our lab furniture before & after photo gallery to see how different casework and fixtures improve labs around the world.




We Build Anywhere. From coast to coast, we'll come to you and build the custom lab design you need to make a better, safer world a reality.

Don't settle for just a furniture supplier. Instead, partner with Symbiote. We have the expertise, support and quality standards that support your success.