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Cannabis and Agricultural Lab Furniture

The cannabis industry is moving toward nationwide legalization. Lab-tested cannabis is a requirement in nearly every state and we rely on you to test for everything, from pesticides to pathogens. Lab-made marijuana is accelerating into pharmaceutical and consumer-wellness industries. As medicinal and recreational production increases, accurate testing is needed for our health and safety. 

Whether converting an existing facility or building a medical marijuana test lab from scratch, our designers can help. We supply flexible furniture that is ready to change when you are. Designs start with modular components and height adjustable work benches that are easy to use and adjust. Then, as laws change, your lab can adapt to support scalability or diversification. 

Lab Storage, Work Areas and Safety

Labs that test cannabis are often equipped to test other things, like edibles and extraction recovery. You are the best judge of what equipment and stock is needed, based on your experience. Instruments have their own requirements such as ventilation and power. These considerations, along with the arrangement of power and data, are discussed when planning a safety-minded lab. We explore space utilization, from walkways and workstations to efficient storage and safety zones. 

Steel Lab Cabinets for Cannabis and Hemp Testing

Cannabis consists of thick, waxy resins—so there is a real challenge with sample cleanup. From THC and CBD acids to microbiology testing for E. coli, many chemicals can damage lab furniture. Stainless steel lab cabinets pair with phenolic and stainless steel surfaces. Add on-site solvent storage for butane, propane, isopropanol or acetone along with future storage for multi-stage projects. 


Save Time with Symbiote Lab Design and Renovation Services

We apply our background in process improvement and engineering to build solid labs so you can focus on results. Symbiote is a Michigan company that builds and renovates labs throughout the United States. Visit our photo gallery and case studies to see what we can do for you. 

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