Labs for research, prototyping and testing


A wide variety of tech labs—from engineering to dry computer science facilities—follow the open plan concept. While closed labs are still needed for specific projects, open labs allow for shared equipment and benches, helping reduce the cost of research. Symbiote has designed labs for:

  • Analytics and Information Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Hardware Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Nanotechnology
  • Visualization

Tech Lab Design Strategies

As tasks become self-managed/self-healing, today's tech labs utilize a combination of mobile and fixed furniture. 

  • Freestanding and wall storage cabinets allow a large volume of storage vs. the cost of multiple base cabinets.
  • Mobile benches are easily moved into the lab whenever sit-down space is required. 
  • Tables on glides increase stability and eleviate vibration concerns for heavy machines.
  • Mobile carts hold supplies, computer hardware and can serve as workstations.

Facebook's Hardware Lab

This lab focuses on telecom infrastructure, drones and virtual reality projects. [credit CNET News]

Apple Park - June 2018

Watch the aerial drone tour of Apple Park's progress. [credit Matthew Roberts]

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