4-Legged, Heavy-Duty Table

The strongest, height adjustable table we make - supports 1,000 pounds - now with optional 29" Riser Frame.

4-Legged Table Construction, Options and Accessories

With sizes up to 48 x 96 inches, this table is best for labs that need substantial support for equipment. Because the Riser Frame is so popular on our ErgoStat Pro workbench we decided to make one for the 4-Legged Table. It's an easy way to gain extra work space right where you need it.

  • Heavy 2” x 2” x 14 gauge steel tube leg construction with side cross-bars for strength and stability.
  • Height adjustable base supports 1,000 pounds with glides (880 pounds with casters).
  • See the product sheetvideo and drawings (typicals) below for ideas.

Adjustable Base

  • Glides or casters.
  • 14-inch range: 26-40 inches.
  • Lifts 1,000 pounds, evenly distributed.


  • Depth: 24-30-36-42-48 inches.
  • Length: 36-48-60-72-96 inches.
  • Laminate, Phenolic, Chemsurf®, Hardwood, Stainless, Dissipative. Learn more.

New Riser Frame

  • 29" frame supports hanging components.
  • Width: 36-48-60-72-96 inches.
  • See ErgoStat Pro Catalog to order.