ErgoStat Pro

Height adjustable, electric / battery-powered workstation holds 250 pounds.

As one of the first companies to develop a height adjustable bench with Riser Frame, our first prototype was delivered to Boeing in 1993. The ErgoStat® Pro started from a customer's request and is ideal for light duty tasks performed in the office or lab.

Sit/Stand ErgoStat Pro for Light Duty Labs

  • Electric base supports 250 pounds versus the original ErgoStat (750 pounds).
  • Optional battery power kit provides freedom to work without outlets.
  • Components mount exclusively on a ErgoStat Pro Riser Frame, moving up/down as you work. 

Adjustable Base

  • 26" travel range, 22.5 - 48.5".
  • Electric base with glides or casters.
  • Lifts 250 pounds, evenly distributed.
  • Built-in anti-collision technology.

Riser Frame + Spine

  • Add a Riser Frame - gain 29" of storage above surface. 
  • 1" vertical adjustment of accessories.
  • As base is adjusted up/down, accessories remain ergonomically positioned on frame.
  • Frame supports 200 pounds and comes in five widths.
  • Riser Spines divide frame into smaller sections.


  • Depth: 24-30-36 inches.
  • Width: 36-48-60-72 inches.
  • Laminate and mixed hardwood.
  • Matching or contrasting edges.


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