UltraFrame Lab Bench

Height adjustable lab bench with versatile frame system supports 1,000 pounds.

Symbiote lab benches are made with open steel frames. The frame (we call UltraFrame) is the foundation. UltraFrame holds work surfacescabinets, shelving and storage which forms a modular system. Adjust components on the frame inch-by-inch to your liking. Access data and power from the ceiling or at eye level to make configuration simple and efficient. 

Space-Saving UltraFrame vs. Competitors

Symbiote frames save space and moneyA typical bench system (on the right) uses corner connectors and return fames as leg supports. This puts gaps between surfaces and accessories. It creates “panel creep” which makes the entire unit almost eight inches longer.

The Symbiote lab bench (left) uses C Legs. Legs attach to UltraFrames to support the surface and frame, eliminating panel creep. Surfaces and accessories are placed seamlessly side-by-side down the entire unit without breaks. Sharing frames or connecting corners = cost savings and additional legroom.

Configure Your Lab Bench to Match the Activity

  1. Frame: Will your bench hold heavy equipment or is mobility more important?
  2. Legs: Do you need a fixed height or manual adjustable top on your bench? This determines what leg is needed. Lab Legs are fixed and come in different heights and depths. C Legs offer manual height adjustability.
  3. Surface: What type of work is being done on your bench top? We have surfaces for hospitals, pharmacies, research, education and tech labs.
  4. Accessories: What tools do you need within easy reach? Can some equipment be moved to a shared bench? 

Adjustable Frame

  • Height: 48-62-80-96 inches.
  • Width: 24-30-36-48-60 inches.
  • Holds 1,000 lbs. (glides) 500 lbs. (casters), evenly distributed.​

Legs + Surface Support

  • Support legs can be mounted one or two sides of frame.
  • Adjustable brackets support work surfaces.
  • Surface travel range 27-42 inches.

Work Surface

  • Depth: 24-30-36 inches. 
  • Length: 24-30-36-48-60-72-96 inches.
  • Laminate, Phenolic, Chemsurf®, Wood, Stainless, Dissipative. Learn more.


Make a freestanding bench with UltraFrames or an entire lab system.

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