UltraFrame Lab Bench

Heavy-duty, height adjustable lab bench supports 1,000 pounds and is completely customizable.

Adjustable Lab Bench Supports 1,000 Pounds

Our pin-adjustable lab bench is built with an open steel frame on casters or glides. Everything you put on the frame is movable in one-inch increments. Get started with our one-page interactive Lab Bench Planning Sheet (PDF).

Share Frames: Gain Legroom and Save Money

  • Legs attach to frames to support the surface and frame, eliminating panel creep. Surfaces and accessories are placed side-by-side down the entire unit without breaks. Sharing frames or connecting corners = cost savings and additional legroom.
  • Other companies use corner connectors and return frames as leg supports, creating gaps between surfaces and accessories. This makes the unit almost eight inches longer.

Adjustable Frame

  • Height: 48-62-80-96 inches.
  • Width: 24-30-36-48-60 inches.
  • Holds 1,000 lbs. (glides) 500 lbs. (casters), evenly distributed.​

Legs + Surface Support

  • Support legs are mounted on one or two sides of frame.
  • Adjustable brackets support work surfaces.
  • Surface travel range 27-42 inches.


  • Depth: 24-30-36 inches. 
  • Length: 24-30-36-48-60-72-96 inches.
  • Laminate, Phenolic, Chemsurf®, Wood, Stainless, Dissipative. Learn more.


Make a freestanding bench with UltraFrames or an entire lab system.

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