Bins, Peds, Totes and Other Lab Storage Containers

Storage containers let you target specific areas with the materials best suited for your needs. Some labs use color to designate important processes or to sort supplies like syringes, bottles and gloves. Other storage options for UltraFrame BenchesErgoStat and ErgoStat Pro workstations are hanging and mobile pedestals and overhead storage cabinets. Look at our lab systems for more ideas.

Hanging and Mobile Peds

  • Several height options.
  • Heights of 13⅝ to 27 5/16 inches.
  • Width is 15 inches.
  • Depths of 18 and 22 inches.
  • Load capacity 50 pounds per drawer and 150 pounds per unit.
  • Add accessory mounting bracket to suspend from 4-Legged Table.

Storage Totes and Mounting Options

  • Totes hang from Tote Rails, mount beneath surfaces as drawers using Tote Bearers or slide into Tote Holders and Mobile Tote Frames for use as drawers.
  • Totes hold 50 pounds (with Tote Rails) and 25 pounds (with Tote Bearers/Holders/Frames).
  • Tote Rails provide hanging support for Totes; Tote Bearers prevent Totes from extending out of the track.

Bin Rails and Akro Bins

  • Frame or Pivoting Arm Mount options.
  • Bins mount on Bin Rails or stack together.
  • Weight load capacity varies by application.

Dispensing Rails and Subcontainers

  • A and B size rails hold up to 12 subcontainers.
  • Widths of 24-30-36-48-60 inches.
  • Load capacity of rail 50 pounds evenly distributed.

Overhead Storage Cabinets

  • Locking storage unit for workstations.
  • Height is 15 inches.
  • Widths of 24-30-36-48-60 inches.
  • Depth is 13½ inches.
  • Doors retract above top panel.

Pencil Drawer

  • Mounts under surfaces.
  • 2⅛ inches H x 2⅛ inches W x 16¼ inches D.
  • Load capacity 25 pounds.