Task and LED Lights for Healthy Computing

Proper lighting gives you control over your environment, reducing eye strain and fatigue. Symbiote's High Performance Task Light can be attached to a UltraFrame Bench, ErgoStat or ErgoStat Pro two ways: mounted in vertical slots on frames or under shelves with Cantilever Light Brackets. You can also choose a parabolic lens to eliminate direct glare around computer screens. When you need something stronger add a LED Magnification Light. Our high output LED lights are a color accurate, cost-effective option.

Power, Data and Utilities Where You Need it

The frustration of searching for outlets when moving equipment or reconfiguring furniture is over. We recommend a system of overhead and vertical chase rails to keep it simple and fast. Symbiote Lab Systems carry medical gases, plumbing, power and data and ducts for exhaust. 

High Performance Task Light

  • Mount under Symbiote shelves or frames.
  • Cool white T5 lamps, 2 or 4 bulbs.
  • Includes 9 foot cord.
  • Available with a batwing or glare reducing parabolic lens.
  • Brackets sold separately.

LED Magnification Light

  • Double-arm adjustable with 3-dioper magnification lens.
  • 9-inch diameter metal shade houses 9.4 watt LED panel.
  • Clamps to edge of work surface.
  • Color is white and the light is ETL Certified.

LED Under Cabinet Light

  • High output with 50,000 hour life span.
  • Includes screw and magnetic mounting hardware.
  • Starter kits have one 60W Power Supply and 12 foot cord.
  • Other options and lengths available.

General Task Light

  • Mounts flat under shelves and cabinets.
  • Widths from 18¼ to 36¼ inches.
  • Single T8 cool white fluorescent lamp.
  • Electronic ballast with batwing lens.
  • Includes 9 foot cord.

Electrical Distributors 

  • Styles: Frame-to-Frame; Corner and 3 or 4-way Frame Span. 
  • Jumpers and Entry Cables (sold separately) work with all styles.
  • 15 or 20-amp Duplex Receptacles sold separately.
  • Inset or Face-Mount.
  • 8-Wired electrical system is UL listed and recognized.

Vertical Distributors

  • Connect UltraFrames with glides or panels at 90 degree angles.
  • Height is 126 inches.
  • Widths of 2¾, 3½ or 15½ inches.
  • Concealed chase for dropping electrical and data supply cables.

Data Distributors

  • For a double-sided chase to route data cables in workstations.
  • Mount to UltraFrames, Wall Track or Solid Panels.
  • Widths from 24 to 72 inches.
  • End Covers sold separately.
  • Face plate cutouts 2.84 inches wide by 2.25 inches high.
  • Face plates and data jacks not included.
  • Inset and Face-Mount options.

Electrical Plug Strips

  • Provides single circuit, 15/20-amp or 110 volt outlets on frames.
  • Mount on frames, wall strips and surface accessory brackets.
  • Includes circuit breaker and 8-foot power cord.
  • Allows for grounding of dissipative workstation components.