CET Designer

CET Designer is a rules-based design software with photo-realistic rendering capabilities.

Symbiote Launches CET Designer Extension

We are excited to announce a new CET Designer extension to help dealers and designers with specifying Symbiote products. We believe the software streamlines the specification and pricing of laboratory spaces with improved accuracy.

About Configura and CET Designer

Configura created CET Designer software to help manufacturers and their distributors with space planning and product ordering. The software creates photo realistic drawings and automatic pricing of standard parts in the background while you work.

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Where to Find CET Designer Training, Support and Forums

Visit Configura Academy CET Training Portal   |   CET Software Forum  |   Configura Support to learn more.

Symbiote Extension issues are supported by Symbiote at design@symbiote.com.  

Watch this page for announcements of webinars taught by our design team.