Core Services: Getting Your Lab Built

Custom Lab Design, Drawings and Installation

From the initial design drawings to the order, delivery and installation, we define your furniture needs and coordinate everything to minimize errors and downtime. Symbiote services include:

  • Standard Symbiote laboratory products and components
  • Custom products (we call specials)
  • Perspective drawings and renderings 
  • Detailed product specifications

How We Do It: Three-Dimensional Lab Planning

We optimize vertical storage to organize items where it helps the most. This three-dimensional space planning takes advantage of the space above and below workstations to reduce your facility footprint. Symbiote plans include height adjustable, modular and mobile furniture to adapt to your company's growth and changing processes. 

Find a sales or dealer representative at 800.283.2434 x1. Or, use the form below to attach drawings and other documents in PDF format. 

Improving the Lab Planning Process

Often, the lab furniture and fixtures are the last items to be ordered, impacting product placement and deadlines. One change can impact installation so getting the facility manager, lab supervisor and technicians together early is key. Discussion points include:

  • Spacing of tables and benches 
  • Locations for equipment
  • Power and data runs
  • Fabrics and finishes
  • ADA and National Ordinances
  • Ventilation and fume hoods
  • Waste flow
  • Chemical storage

Submit your design specs to our lab designers to receive a quote and drawing.

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