Symbiote History, a Graphical Timeline

Symbiote, Inc. was founded in 1984 to develop custom solutions to compliment the Herman Miller® Action Factory product line. The company's strong design heritage has developed into high quality standards for the technical and laboratory furniture industry. Headquartered in Zeeland, Michigan Symbiote's designs incorporate three-dimensional planning with mobile workstations, height adjustable tables, shelving, storage and components.

Herman Miller DNA

Travis Randolph was a key player on the Herman Miller® team that introduced Action Office®, the world’s first systems furniture. Randolph stands by one of the original 1962 prototypes. Later, he founded Symbiote in 1984 to pursue his own ergonomic designs.


Action Factory

Symbiote collaborates with Herman Miller to develop products for Action Factory until 1989 when the line closed. Symbiote then secured the rights to make Action Factory products.


Ergonomics drives innovation

The HAM (Height Adjustable Mechanism) was introduced with ergonomic accessories to improve productivity and reduce worker injuries.


Custom Tables for Boeing

Boeing needed long, height-adjustable tables to manufacture wiring and cable harnesses for the wings of jet airplanes. The result was a height-adjustable mechanism stretched into 8-16 foot long tables with electrical and hydraulic hook-ups.


Tech Lab Launch

Technical lab systems furniture is introduced at NeoCon, along with BlueSky, Symbiote's proprietary CAD program, to help customers with space planning.


Symbiote Expansion

Symbiote moves from Holland, Michigan to a larger 65,000 square foot facility in Zeeland. Engineering upgrades reduce production times for special orders and new products, including rack mount accessories.


ErgoTilt and other products

ErgoTilt is a workstation top that can tilt. Other products launch for general manufacturing, assembly applications and wiring shops. 


Tech Growth

Tech labs, LAN centers and other electronics-intense workplaces emerge practically overnight. Symbiote delivers modular components, cable management systems and heavy-duty construction.


Quad Post System

The Quad Post System is an open center post design so you can run power, data and plumbing vertically or horizontally within the post. The adjustable horizontal cross bar offers flexible layouts to make 2, 3 or 4 way connections. 


Lighting Partnership

Symbiote partners with Énergie, an architectural lighting products company, to provide re-engineering, inventory management and assembly.


Healthcare Market Growth

The ErgoStat workstation is ideal for prep-and-pack workstations or any healthcare-related lab. It has stainless steel tops, magnification lights, a keyboard tray and monitor arms to keep tasks easy and within reach.


Cabinets for Wet/Dry Labs

Base cabinets, sink bases, wall and floor cases are added to the UltraFrame product line.


Heavy Duty, 4-Legged Table

The 4-Legged table is the most heavy duty table we make. It supports 1,000 pounds, evenly distributed, to protect your equipment investment.


Life Science Market

The need for durable furniture for hospital pharmacies and clinics is evident and Symbiote is developing more products to support the Life Science market. 


Sit/Stand Electric ErgoStat Pro

As one of the first companies to develop a height adjustable table with riser frame, the ErgoStat Pro has a greater range of adjustability and a battery power kit. 


Product Development, Apple Park

Custom products, including tables, electrical and data raceways and finish details.